Bingo Blackout WinnerGeneral Information
on Del Mar Bingo

Hours, admission and parking,
how-to-play, tips for first-time players


Sundays at 3:00pm, doors open at 1:00pm

3 hours of playtime each session

Bingo is open September through May.


Three Packages to Choose From

Play for less and win big with better chances of winning with new lower pricing with more value! Play with machine, paper or both.

$65 – Level 2 Electronic tablet (machine)

  • 84 eCards - Early Birds/Regular Games
  • 6 eCards for game 7, 16, 17 & 2 eCards for game 21
  • 1 Face Game 10 Guaranteed $1000 with $200 consolation
  • (Up to two packs out of the machine)
  • Full Payouts


$35 – Level 1 Electronic tablet (machine)

  • 84 eCards - Early Birds/Regular Games
  • 3 eCards for game 7, 16, 17 & 1 eCard for game 21
  • 1 Face Game 10 Guaranteed $1000 with $200 consolation
  • (Up to two packs out of the machine)
  • ½ Payouts for regular and consolation games.  Full payouts for special games 7, 10, 16, 17, 21

 $25 – Paper Only

  • 2-6 on Early Birds/Regular Games & 1 Face Game 10 Guaranteed $1000 with $200 consolation
  • ½ payouts for regular games and consolation games


*More than $5,000 in cash prizes each session with 70 or more Level  2 players! *

• For current promotions, please see the Events and Promotions page.

• Parking for bingo players is free.

• Bingo players must be 18 or older.

Del Mar Bingo Rules [PDF]


With 70 or more players!

4 Games at $500
Payout $2,000

8 Games at $250
Payout $2,000

6 Early Bird Games
Payout $900. Program is subject to change.


Playing Bingo on our portable electronic Bingo Champion is fun and easy.

The Tab-e will mark your numbers automatically as the caller calls the numbers. It will advance to the next game automatically, displays the numbers you need to win when you are one number away, and plays a tune when you have made Bingo.



Bingo PlayerEach player has Bingo cards containing 24 random numbers ranging from 1 to 75. These numbers are divided into groups of 15 corresponding to the letters B-I-N-G-O. The card contains a center space, called the "free space."A caller draws numbered balls from a bin and calls the letter and number drawn; for example, B-12 or G-55. Players who have that number on their cards mark off the number, using a large marker called a dauber.

Each game is played using a unique pattern. Once the player forms the pattern with marked-off numbers, he or she calls "Bingo!" A game monitor will come over to the player and tell the caller the card's unique number. The computer determines if the card is a match, and if so, the player is a winner!

Popular Bingo Patterns


If you are a first-time Bingo player, here are some tips to help you get started:

• Arrive early (at least one hour) before the games start. This will give you enough time to ask questions and go over the Bingo basics.

• Guest Service Representatives and our experienced Floor Clerks will be happy to show you how to play. Just tell any of our friendly staff that you are new to Bingo.


Faces: The number of cards per Bingo Sheet.
Easyway: A Bingo pattern that includes the "Free Space."
Hardway: A Bingo pattern that does NOT include the "Free Space."
Early Bird: The first set of games played during a session.
Dauber: Specific ink canister for marking the Bingo face.
Regular Session: The set of games played after Early Birds.
Double: Refers to the pattern occuring twice on one card.
Pull Tab/Instant Ticket: A paper or cardboard card with perforated, break-open tabs, which reveal instant prizes or "hold" numbers.
Specials: Includes all games sold separately from the Early Birds and Regular games pack.
"Crazy" Bingo Patterns: "Crazy" refers to a pattern that can rotate around the card. For example: a "Crazy" T will allow the "T" to appear right side up, upside down or sideways.

Bingo players must be 18 or older. Del Mar Bingo is sponsored by local charities with all profits going back to their charitable purpose. Bingo programs and session schedules are subject to change; please check this website for updates.